Hardback Edition Now Available!

‘101 Very English Idioms: Learn to Speak Like a True Brit!’ is now also available in hardback!

This version is currently available from Amazon US, UK, DE, ES, FR and IT.

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OUT NOW: 101 Very English Idioms

101 Very English Idioms: Learn to Speak Like a True Brit is an easy-to-use guide to some of the most important idioms in English, along with examples of idioms in context, exercises, and even some idiom origins.

“Hello and welcome to 101 Very English Idioms! If you enjoy the complexities of the English language then I hope this book will be your cup of tea, although be warned that some of the expressions you’ll read are not simply a piece of cake, and can leave some people feeling blue…

Hopefully though, with the help of this book you’ll be full of beans and able to show your true¬†colours when expressing yourself in English.

But before we start…”


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