The Boy That Runs (CEFR B2+)

Every night George suffers the same dream. It haunts him. What was once one of his happiest memories as a child has become a nightmare, and it is only getting worse. After enlisting the help of his best friend Penny; he must face up to his past, once and for all.

Part of the ‘English Short Stories’ series; the incidents during this story lead uenglish_short_storie_cover_for_kindle-5s to consider what is real, and what is not. We are asked about what can be changed, and what cannot. We follow George on an emotional journey to discover his fate, and put his nightmares to bed.

With key grammar, vocabulary and opinion-based exercises, this book is perfect for English language learners around the world that enjoy both reading and interaction with English. It is graded for learners at CEFR Level B2 and above, of all ages.

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