4 Story Collection (CEFR B1+)

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Not just a boring grammar book: Learn English with English Short Stories – stories for adult English learners!

This four story collection includes four short stories written at an Intermediate (CEFR B1) level. As we are taken from a haunting forest to the snowy streets of St. Petersburg, we meet characters such as a middle-aged magician, a tormented child and a larger-than-life dog. The lessons of fame, courage and virtue encourage you, as an adult learner, to start thinking in English.

What’s more, each story contains interactive exercises designed to improve your comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and creative writing skills. These tasks help you to build on what you have read, giving you clear learning points before you move on to the next story. This makes this book an excellent educational tool for both independent learning and classroom use.

This book includes:

  • Four short stories (including ‘The Boy that Runs’) – Intermediate-level stories written for adult learners.
  • ‘What do you think?’ – comprehension and opinion-based questions after each of the four stories. Here, you can check your understanding, make predictions and apply some of the chapter themes to your own life.
  • ‘What do you know?’ – vocabulary and grammar exercises at the end of each story. Graded at CEFR Level B1, you are tested on some of the key language from the chapter.
  • ‘Your Turn’ – a creative writing task at the end of each story. Creative writing is a great way to put what you have learnt into practice – but don’t worry – as a reader you will be given a theme (relevant to the story) and prompts to help you on your way!

Ready to get started? Read, learn, THINK in English with English Short Stories!

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