5 ‘lockdown’ websites for English learners

Looking for new ways to use and expand upon your English knowledge? Would you like to pursue your interests in English, but not sure where to go? Here is a list of 5 useful and interactive websites that English learners can make the most of during lockdown.

  1. TED: ideas worth spreading. If you have an inquisitive mind and like learning new things, then this is the place to go. Educational talks across a wide range of fields means that anyone can find something of interest. What’s more, subtitle options and specific English-learner content make it an excellent tool for language learners.
  2. Conversation Exchange – language learning with native speakers. This is a website that I have used lots on my travels. All you need to do is create a simple profile and search for a language partner that can provide you with written or face-to-face (e.g. via Skype or Zoom) practice. The sky really is the limit, as you can find language partners anywhere in the world. And it’s free!
  3. LyricsTraining. If you are anything like me, then you would go crazy without music during lockdown. On this free website, you can search from a wide range of English songs, before selecting a difficulty level. Then, karaoke-style, you listen to the song and fill in the blanks (the higher the level, the more the blanks!). As a competitive edge, you can represent your country by entering your score into the international leaderboard.
  4. Breaking News English. This is another excellent, free educational tool. Filter by your English level, select an article that you would like to read and then download the ‘Mini Lesson’ PDF with additional exercises. The articles are great reading and contain additional online activities alongside those attached to the lesson PDF. What’s more, this site is committed to uploading stories that come from all over the world, and do not necessarily make headline news.
  5. The Conversation. Up for a linguistic and intellectual challenge? Then this website may be right for you! The articles on this site are written by academics all over the globe and provide evidence-based, in-depth insight into a topic of your choosing.

Which websites do you use to support your English learning? Share in the comments box below!

Looking for a new book to read? English Short Stories: The Cat and the Ghost (CEFR Level C1+) is available now!


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